What’s Social Media Marketing?

To define the word Social Media Marketing let us first analyse the phrase each word that produces the word itself.

The term ‘social’ signifies that communication is going on between two parties and also the term ‘media’ is just the platform or way individuals are ‘doing’ social. And ‘marketing’ is the action of promoting services and products that cause sales possibilities.

To summarise, Social Media Marketing is the procedure of advertising people, brands, services or products using Social Media platforms for example Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn.

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As the concepts of promoting remain, the techniques and psychology of promoting on every platform could be vastly different.

From the business perspective, each Social Media website serves a number of purposes like a marketing medium, using which depends upon the prospective market you want to talk with (then sell to).

Let us take a look at all these platforms individually…


Facebook, typically the most popular from the Social Media websites has basically two sides. First of all, from the purely social perspective, it allow anyone to participate and discover, connect and talk to anybody they choose, whether or not they be existing buddies, school or college colleagues, family people, work colleagues and much more.

The 2nd side to Facebook may be the business side. Facebook enables the development of a ‘Facebook Page’ to anybody, however for business proprietors, they represent an chance to advertise their products and services.

A Facebook Page has become an important advertising tool for companies of sizes and shapes. They permit companies the opportunity to attract ‘fans’ (past, present or future customers) in addition to communicate with these fans around the Facebook Page itself, mainly around the ‘Wall’ page.

A Facebook Page has multiple pages as being a normal business website would. The default pages contained inside a completely new Facebook Page are Wall, Info, Photos.

Business proprietors may also setup advertising within Facebook they are driving people to their Facebook Page as a means of attracting more customers.


Twitter is what is known as a ‘Micro-Blog’. Micro meaning small , your blog is sort of a news-feed that contains details about an individual, company, subject, industry etc., etc.

Twitter enables you to definitely ‘post’ information of 140 figures long about anything you want. While it’s correct purpose is unknown it works as a broadcast medium for companies, individuals, celebrities or anybody who would like to voice their option or expertise about any subject they choose.


YouTube is really a video discussing website these types of its recognition and vast resource of knowledge on almost any subject imaginable, is just about the second largest internet search engine (after Google). Which means that people use YouTube to look for video content about any subject they would like to look for. It’s really no doubt that movie one of the greatest ways society uses in an effort to communicate, learn, share and interact with other people.

YouTube enables anybody the opportunity to upload a relevant video of the selecting onto their very own YouTube take into account private or public viewing.


LinkedIn serves two purposes. The very first, it is a method for people looking for work (or employers) for connecting with one another.

Next, it is a business tool that enables business proprietors the opportunity to interact with and make a ‘network’ of contacts. Considering it just like a business networking group, aquired online.

You should use LinkedIn to become brought to someone with an existing contact inside your network. It’s really a effective tool if your company is Business to business.

The selection of Social Media platform to select to promote yourself, your organization or perhaps your services and products ought to be determined by the kind of customer you want for connecting with along with the kind of engagement and interaction you want to possess using the person.

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