3 Coolest Construction Technology Innovation Of 2021

With the advancement of today’s technology and gadgets, it is no denial that we are in the era of innovation and massive possibilities. From household items, gadgets, business establishment, and transportation, you can surely rely on the best transformation there is in this industry.

But due to the recent pandemic that is still affecting different parts of the world, building and creating different establishments like malls, schools, offices, and other premises have become very difficult for physical contact and virus passing cannot be avoided in such corporal jobs.

Thus, different scientists, inventors, and innovators come up with different construction technology revolutions.

1) AR and VR Technology

AR, or Augmented Reality, and VR or Visual Reality technology is a great tool in making site examinations. It is a digital representation of the outside world. It is where constructions sites or areas could be analyzed and planned for the future construction process.

Use of AR and VR Technology:

  • Accurate assessment. Measuring will not be a problem in using this technology regardless of being present on the site or not.
  • Components improvements. Using AR and VR tools can help you in knowing what and where to adjust and improve in the building plan. It can give you the design that is already refined for the plan to be more precise and be better.
  • Security and safety. Since workers are not needed to be in the area, it provides a safe environment and fewer hazards for the people. It can display the real-time security and health standards for the worker and companies.

2) Uniform Technology

From head to toe, construction worker should always wear their proper attire for safety and protocol reasons. Thus, they need more advanced and efficient pieces of equipment for their body’s protection. Equipped with advanced technology like GPS, biometrics, motion sensors and so much more, it is indeed of great help for construction workers and their jobs.

New uniform technology available at present times:

  • Smart hard hats and boots (reducing injury-related incidents)
  • Working Gloves (equipped with sensors and helps increase the user’s power and strength in lifting or handling construction tools)
  • Smartwatch (for communication and biometrics)
  • Goggles and monitors (to see possible damages and markings)
  • Exoskeletons (machine-like uniforms that could help the user in providing support and extra strength when it comes to more physical activities. This also helps in reducing injuries and risks in the work environment.)

3) Robotics

One of the most advanced innovations created is the use of robots and machines for the most difficult and heaviest tasks available. By using such innovations, productivity increases and safety is a priority. This could help in the future for it can produce more safe and strong buildings and establishments with minimal help from humans like maintenance, start-ups, and instalments needed.

Some robots and machines used in the construction industry today:

  • Drones. These flying machines can help in supervising and inspecting sites and buildings from high places. By the use of its camera, it can capture sceneries and improvements from above.
  • Fully Automatic Robots. These robots can work independently without the aid of human assistance. They can help in more complex jobs inside the construction site and can inspect the surrounding for possible accidents that could occur.
  • Factory machines. These robots are made to repeat their instructions every time they are turned on. They are used in manufacturing items and supplies and are great in increasing productiveness in factories.
  • Collaboration robots. These machines work side by side with humans in accomplishing certain tasks. They are mostly used for lifting, bending of carrying tools and equipment too big for humans to handle even with speed bumps present in the workplace.

It is indeed a big help in the construction industry to have such types of machinery, equipment, and tools that are made for humans’ safety, security, and convenience. We must be able to use this to its maximum potential so that it will not get wasted for these kinds of innovations are very expensive and needs maintenance.

Proper training and knowledge are needed in using such technology. Thus, we must be patient and flexible enough to understand these changes for us to be able to use them to our advantage.

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