Benefits that you can derive from a mobile internal communication app

Today, every huge company does own an intranet and it is utilized to distribute documents. In the majority of instances, intranets become accessible through a desktop PC only. However, offline, frontline and non-desk employees who do suffer from easy access to personal computers are not precisely a marginal group. This is a fact that intranet terminals are turning hugely common at a production level or warehouses but they have not expanded in popularity. In the form of a channel meant for internal communications, mobile applications facilitate admission to employees through their smartphones.

When you access internal communication mobile apps then you will be able to reap huge benefits in comparison to customary communication channels, like email and intranet. Communication through an app encourages social interaction. Additionally, it permits users to give their feedback via likes, shares, and comments. Again, administrators get the capability to analyze various levels of content engagement. The internal communication apps also establish dialogues that happen between the operational level and management. Communication officers can use internal communication apps for recognizing vital topics and addressing them effectively.

How to choose an internal communication app?

Deciding on the best internal communications app can turn out to be a tough process, particularly with employee social networks and hazy lines between different mobile intranets. Some features of a superb internal communications app are:

  • Employer-to-employee – Employers need to display new articles into the app directly and it does not matter whether they pull the information or post new stories. They can also use video integration as videos are excellent mediums for mobile consumption. They can also use streams for displaying vital content, like company announcements and how-to-videos. Blogs too help increase awareness of some external activities. Additionally, messaging also turns into a vital source of knowledge for employees.
  • Employee-to-employee – Employers need to permit employees to post various content like videos and pictures. Additionally, it enables other employees in liking and commenting. There should be topics, event-specific conversations between employee groups. There are timed quizzes with leaderboards and it proposes an interesting gamification component to the internal communication app. This, in turn, generates competitive corporate learning. A combination of ESNs or Enterprise social networks allows already established communications or activities to continue in internal communication apps.
  • Fast admission to corporate content – Employees are liberal to access documents, such as slide decks and PDFs from the application directly. It also permits easy and fast searches for discovering other employees’ contact details. Displays the upcoming corporate events besides the capability of adding events to personal calendars, access linked documents, and watch webcasts. Employees can also post questions to the company directly.

Some vital points

Internal communication mobile apps are formed for helping employees in getting their regular jobs done. These apps are created to work as an organization’s chat room and they are designed for replacing email as employers and employees’ chief channel of communication. The apps bring together remote and global teams into only one common space. Thus, they enable the capability of working together and sharing information too.

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