Factors to Consider for Cannabis Lab Testing Equipment

In the cannabis field, there are different mycotoxin analyses and potency testing that are quite crucial. Some crucial lab equipment pieces are used in such testing. Talking of the cannabis analysis equipment some of them are liquid chromatography that should offer good performance for potency and plasma mass spectrometry for analyzing heavy metals. There is also liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to be used for pesticides while Gas chromatography for testing solvents.

What is Cannabis Testing?

If there is any product of cannabis that is purchased from the licensed facility, it needs to go through certain tests. These series are followed in the labs accredited by the state. The primary aim is to make sure it is safe to be consumed and have some easy dosage involved. However, considering the high use and cannabis legalization for medicinal purposes, the demand for the additional testing of cannabis has increased. That is why cannabis analysis equipment demand has increased too.

The right way to invest:

While investing in cannabis analysis equipment, one needs to understand the surrounding the right equipment should be the first step that must be taken. For those who want to improve the productivity of the lab while maintaining the profit, the sourcing should be done rightly. Considering the cannabis decriminalization in different states, government agencies and scientists are actively dealing with the whole process of testing while following the regulations. Safety is also the primary concern for such labs.

Cannabis Lab Testing Equipment- Factors to consider

Such testing needs a good analytical equipment suite while some are crucial for the cannabis lab too. Such lab tests for cannabinoids, heavy metals¸ potency, residual solvents, and even moisture and microbial to a great extent. To set up a cannabis testing laboratory with the right equipment, there are significant decisions to be made.

Factors to consider when selecting cannabis lab testing equipment

  • Since cannabis might be used in the different supply chains, there are different steps involved to test it. Whether it is the growers to whom cannabis needs to be provided or the distributor, every test varies. growers who want to use it for good crops would want to test the crops to make sure their yields are residual solvent-free. In the case of the distributor, cannabinoid classification will be verified.
  • There are so many states that have certain requirements set while undertaking the testing of cannabis. Suppose while considering pesticides, Colorado needs 13 pesticides tests to be done while in the case of California the number goes to 66.
  • Getting the right equipment from the vendor that offers good technical knowledge and equipment support is important. This should include maintenance, training, method development, and equipment servicing to name some.


As the technology has advanced to a great extent, there are different improved yet new testing equipment that is introduced. With the above factors, it will be a lot easier to choose the right equipment and meet the needs and objectives of the lab. However, to use such equipment, the company needs to pass certain stringent regulations that have been imposed.

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