Repair order; a shift from the conventional to a digitally inclined automobile service


As an automobile shopowner, if your customers still always have to walk in, that is walk or drive into your physical store/shop with their vehicles, you might be a bit left behind.

There is no gainsaying the world has moved from the conventional to the digital as everything in almost every industry is gradually becoming digitally inclined and you certainly don’t want to be left behind.

What hinders you from taking the shift and jumping on the bandwagon of the digital trend?We trust you are doing ok in your automobile shop, but you should know you can do much better with pleasantand satisfactory customer visions and seamlessly so.

Seeing as the world has gone digital you would be doing yourselfa big disservice as an auto shop owner to be stuck in the archaic.

Now adays when your customers should sit in their homeswith their legs crossed, watching a good show or in their workplace and talking to you about the issues that go on with their cars without necessarily having to be in your store as an automobile shop again, but if your customers have to walk into your store always then you need to up your game.

How do I make a shift from the conventional to the digital aspect of the automobileindustry?

First,we must mention that for any meaningful change or shift to occur in yourbusiness, you have to be reoriented first,you have to be open to the idea of a move from the conventionalonly then will you see the many possible benefitsof you digitalizing your automobile workshop.

This tends to have a great positiveimpact on your business and your clientele;therefore, this is a win-win for both you and those who patronize you.

DVIs; the digital inspection technique is a good way for you to start your shift from the conventional to the digital boost of your business. you need to move away from the rule ofthumb technique and or paper age.

You might want to venture into the digitalization ofyour business, how does diagnosing yourclient’s cars with devices sound bright right? Well, that’s not all… let’s go

Repair orders; I bet it feels great for you to be home in the embrace of your loved ones while you have some good old pizza ordered,and,on its way to youor while you work away in the workshop and you order yourself a cold one for the afternoon convenient right?.

This is the same way your customers would feel when they know that their trusted automobile mechanic can get the issues and problems of their cars while they are busy with something else, perhaps the embrace of their loved ones or whilst battling with work.

Repair orders help you and help your customers transact easily, in fact much easier because it gives both of you, especially your customer easy time as they could learnabout what they need to fix prior to coming into your shop.And, this would help shop ownersto knowwhat to fix in their vehicles, again even before they set foot or drive into your automobile garage… awesome right?

How about your management; your automobile workshopneeds a shift from the paper ageso that you digitalize yourworkplace, of everything from inventory to customer base,your shop management needs to be top-notch with great customer care.

Trust that this puts you on your way through keeping your already existing customers while you lure new ones with these few aforementioned techniques.


The above mentioned are the reasonsyou mustdigitize your company/automobile workshop.However,this article does not in any way imply or undermine the importance of the human touch,on yours or any other organization but implies that you as a brand and as an automobile shop need to jump on the trend of efficiency and convenience on your part and your customers’ respectively.

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