Understanding Coating Techniques and Using Rigid Material for Customized Boxes

Printed Boxes are very popular these days. They are widely used as promotional materials by many companies, organizations, institutions and individuals. The main advantage with them is you could use it as decorative piece. With these boxes, you have more opportunities to show your product and to promote your brand. These features make customized printed boxes unique from others.

You could customize them by printing the company logo, name of the product, contact details and even your message on them. There are various ways to design your printed boxes. With so many options available in the market, you will surely find one or the other that would match your purpose. If you intend to print them for promotional purposes, then you should opt for die cutting services. This is because the dies made using rigid flexographic equipment will produce unique die cut designs of your choice which can be very impressive.

By using rigid flexographic printing technology, there is a possibility to obtain high quality color and clear images. The image quality with printed boxes is better than cardboard boxes. It is also very easy to remove the images printed on them. All you need is some heat lamp and an ink jet printer for toner and ink supply.

With this innovative method of product packaging, you could give a unique shape to your product. You could also give an option of shortening or lengthening the length of the box easily. If you are considering a circular product, then it is a good idea to print it using offset printing process. This is because this process produces nice round shape labels for your printed boxes.

You should opt for custom cardboard boxes for your products if you want a unique shape of your printed boxes. For this you could use polyester and thermal tape for the purpose. If you are looking for shrinkage method for your printed boxes, then you should definitely go for UV coating technique. This is because it is cheaper and offers good results.

You can save a lot of your money by using free proof techniques for your product packaging. For example, most of the manufacturers use free proof printing for their company logo, name and brand. This is very helpful for them because it reduces cost without compromising quality. Therefore, these are some of the reasons why custom printed boxes are much needed by the modern-day companies.

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