What are the diverse ways of making your server to be more secure?

With the advancement of technology, cases of hacking and phishing have become very popular today. Therefore, it means that you should keep your account up to date with the much-needed security set up. The good news is that if you are using a dedicated server, you will be better secured compared to one using fast dedicated servers.  Dedicated covers come with their own unique IP address. It will mean that you will be able to take full control of the servers, and be able to customise them in a way you deem fit. Even so, that would not imply that you are free from the cases of hacking. Here are some of the ways of ensuring your dedicated servers will be secure:

Try as much as possible to use Encrypted information transfer.

The one thing you will need to avoid is insecure communication protocols. Some of these protocols include telnet, or plain FTP. Rather, you should switch to the use of secure protocols such as FTP, HTTPS, and more. Some of the insecure protocol will leave you exposed. They are not suited to ensure that you do not stop instance of hacking or phishing into your server.

Use those complex passwords.

The use of strong password is one of the ways of ensuring you stay safe. Nowadays, it is recommended you set a strong password that includes letters, symbols, and more for your dedicated servers melbourne. You will need to abide by these settings to ensure you are safe. It even gets better today as many serves have a multi- factor authentication system. It ensures that anyone looking to get access into your account has to work hard to pass all the hurdles kept. If you run a business, it will be a good idea to teach your employees on the better ways of implementing password security in the systems.

Intergrade different security layers for both hardware and software.

It will be a matter of utmost importance if you will consider different levels of security for both your hardware and software.  It isrecommended that wherever possible you should make use of VPN and a firewall. It will be adamant for you to do this on all ends. It will be even be better if VPN and firewall installed. It will be important especially in a case where you are using space with another company. You should note that a VPN could be beneficial when it comes to growing your business. The security set up that will increase your output without compromising on security.  You should note that a firewall would act as a first line of defence of your server.  Even so, you will need to install other security measures. An important one will be to ensure that you maintain all the security backups as well as updates.

In conclusion, you will need to consider many things to maintain the security of your server as addressed in this dedicated hosting providers’ article.

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