Everything you need to know about a mobile intranet application

In today’s world, a mobile intranet application is hugely helpful. For taking your employee communication to the subsequent level, you need this app. The entire gamut of the digital workplace and knowledge base remains compacted into mobile devices and when staff becomes capable of accessing work from anywhere, communication and productivity soar. At a time when tablets and smartphones initially hit the scene of business then they happened to be supplemental. With the progression of time, mobile devices turn more advanced. Nowadays, people can see how impactful a mobile device has turned out to be; retailers utilize tablets in the form of cash registers, restaurants utilize them for planning menus, and marketing firms utilize them for brainstorming.

As the usage of mobile devices has increased, developers have kept themselves busy in catering to mobile audiences. And its effect can be noticed in responsive web designs. A developer codes websites so that a device can access the website and propose an optimal experience of viewing. A responsive web design does affect text, image layout, and scrolling besides various other design components. It is an effective method for an intranet app too. However, responsive web designs are the only approach for mobilizing an intranet because there are present mobile apps too.

Mobile intranet applications keep the whole organization stay connected at the time when it is working and even when it is not. No matter you have got teams working in an office or deskless workers, you can remain notified regarding vital updates. Additionally, you can check work too whenever you want. And this is a goal that every company strives for.

Advantages of using an intranet

Intranet in a workplace is hugely helpful in keeping a company productive and in sync.

  • Share information easily – The majority of the companies utilize email as their chief method to disseminate vital company information. But an average employee does check his email hardly 36 times per day and it is a pretty distracting affair. And so, sharing info where employees are already is meant less wasted time and less context switching. And so, you need to send out information via your company’s intranet for some company-wide announcements.
  • Knowledge management – Regardless of where your work, you can be sure that your company has lots of information intact. In the majority of instances, knowledge gets stored all across several platforms, such as Word documents, email, Google Drive, etc. And so, finding information turns into a tiresome job. And so, in this situation, you can use the intranet as a one-stop-shop for every piece of information.
  • Augment feedback and collaboration – For encouraging employees, you must use an intranet app. This way, you will be able to utilize a tool where people will be drawn in. The majority of the intranets possess social features, like comments, @-mentions, some kind of notifications, and easy document sharing. When you use comments and mentions then you can bring people at an ideal time for contributing to work. It will also help in keeping all contributions and feedback contextual.
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